No Radio in a Tropical Breeze


No Radio in a Tropical Breeze


The sweep of banana leaves

Clicking in the shush of a breeze.

The whisper of grasses

Fluttering calypsos in the warm air.

Then, a stillness visits the afternoon

So abruptly, in such contrast,

Even the insects forget to buzz.


A rest, a silent beat.

I hear the missing note

In the resonance of my heart

Playing my part, standing aside

Listening with admiration,

An audience of one.


As the leaves resume their lift and fall

The stately dance continues

In a rhythm set

To currents of wind and star

Syncopated by the steady beat

Of a billion tiny wings

In masterful precision.


And over this

A dove, a divine soloist

Begins another verse

Of well rehearsed lyrics

From the dawn.


Barra de Navidad, Mexico 2014


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