The Re-birthing of a Wildflower


The Re-birthing of a Wildflower


In my hour of darkness

Curled in the detritus of the past

Along a forgotten road,

A place so forlorn and empty

No light could possibly penetrate it,

I emerge from a field of hopelessness

Into the lightness of dawn.

An Infant

Born of a windblown seed

Out of the blackness of the earth

On the night of my becoming

Unfolding tiny leaves

A pale and fragile thing

Lifting it´s head to the stars.

Unseen and unnoticed

By travelers passing by

Hidden among the vestiges

Of past delights,

Candy wrappers, cigarette butts,

Old shoes and plastic bags,

A weed unfurling from it´s nest

Into a beautiful flower.


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