Returning to the Garden



Returning to the Garden

The fragile beginnings of leaves

Unfolding into the intricate lacework

of creation

First one, then two, then three

Following the ancient course

of patterns learned

from primal experiences

in the dawn

Until exploding into splendid blossoms

of color and light.


Altering here, altering there

As each obstacle is encountered

Multiplying and dividing

Into ever more complicated forms

A beautiful tapestry

Rich with unbounded diversity

totally new

unlike any other.


Just as each new word beckons another

Following patterns learned in childhood

Our experiences in play and nuture,

pain and delight

Form the fabric of who we are

As we alter here and there

this and that

As each obstacle presents itself

And each new experience takes us

to what we become.


But the plants and flowers in the garden

Are following certain paths

determined in their genisis

we think

And we have been…

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