Bob the Dog – Private Dick



Bob the Dog – Private Dick

By Bob the Dog

Transcribed by Russell Rosander

         Once upon a time, in a mythical place called Barra de Navidad, there lived a dog.

That´d be me, Bob the Dog.

And let me tell ya.  Livin´ in mythical Barra de Navidad is a good thing.  About as close to heaven as a dog can get.

I´ve lived here a looooooong time.  Long for dogs that is.  These days, so I´m told, I´m gettin´ kinda old.  I guess that makes me sorta an elder around here.  I spend most of my afternoons layin´ in a sandy spot in the middle of the street in fronta Hector´s Corner Bar in the sunshine while the cars and delivery trucks swerve around me.

A lotta my friends hang out at Hector´s drinkin´ beer and tequila and gabbin´.  I like ´em a lot ´cause they´re all such frequent…

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