Las Cantatas de las Palomas


In the newly born light

Slow, lilting notes,

Spherical and solemn,

Arising from the depths

Of an ancient presense.

Lifting on the vapors of the night,

Lilting sonorously

Into the emptiness

Of an unknown day.

A hollowness echoing plaintively

In a newfound dawn,

Singing melodies

From the mists

Of bygone dreams.

The multifarious lamentations of doves

Proclaiming their white-winged essence

In undecipherable phrases

Of primal song.

I wonder,     I wonder,     I wonder.

To my friend Gail for her friendship

And allowing me to read my poems and stories

At her house, and because the cadence of her voice

Reminds me of doves.

With love,

Russell Rosander

Barra de Navidad, 2014


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