There was once a time, we think,

Of much greater abundance

When we lived in a garden

Of pure love and peace.

-Unaffected by trouble or strife

-A strange memory of something lost

-Obscure and never whole

-As if it occurred

-In someone else´s life

-before we were born.


A time when miracles occurred

-On a daily basis.

A time when love walked beside us

-And revealed the secret knowledge

-Of our existence

-Now lost

Buried in the sands of time

And the ashes of the past.


So we focus there,

Making expeditions,

Searching for the lost wisdom of the ancients.

-Shrouded in the viels

-Of our memories and beliefs.

We sift through dust upon dust

In search of relics

-Worthy of our admiration

-Finding only

-Bits of clay and broken bone

Which we take home

-And try to reconstruct

Hoping they will spring to life

And give us answers to our desires.


Each day we go out

And inspect the ashes

Thoroughly, microscopically – expectantly

Looking for some fleck

-Of pale green leaf

-Or bending stem

Emerging from the blackness

Hoping it´s tendrils

-Will envelope us

-Like a mother´s arms.


And all the while,

The garden grows around us

-unseen – unbidden – unrecognized

-Burning the eternal light

Of the passing now,

Waiting for us to enter.


3 thoughts on “Searching

  1. Thank You Russell,
    We miss your smile and laughter, yet it is obvious that Mexico has expanded HOPE for you.

    Know that the Sunrise Tortoise would like to publish (put on paper) your “Art as Beauty–Thoughts in Images and Words.

    Peace, My Friend
    Lawrence Keith

    • Thank You Larry,
      I am so happy you have found my blog and that we can re-connect through writing. I hope all goes well with you as it does with me. Hola to Karen as well and
      Peace to you, my friend

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