Morning Moment



Leaves falling on the table

-an annual event.

Drinking this morning´s coffee


Before this year´s red blossoms

         -in an olive jar



A sonorous dove

         -unseen in the distance

Coos approbations

         -to the beginning

         -to the motion of life.


The gnats have found my presence

         -interesting, at least.

They pester my lips and eyes.

         -I wonder

         -having no possessions

         -do they sense otherness?

Do they fear the gnatcatcher

         -flitting through the branches of the trees.


A totally temporal situation

         -I´m afraid,

Your existence – and mine

         -the leaves on the table

         -the flowers in the jar.


Delve into the nectar of it.

Taste it while you can.

The wheel is turning


         -it never stops

All life´s contained

         -in a single,

         -morning moment


We celebrate

         -it´s passage

         -with passion

Each in his or her

         -own way.


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